Service Delivery

WISe’s Focus

Provide Mental Health Services For Your Child

To provide intensive mental health services designed to assist your child and your family in achieving wellness, safety, and to strengthen relationships within your community.

To identify or provide resources and supports to your child and family.

Develop an Individualized Care Plan

To develop an individualized care plan, based on strengths and needs that respect your family culture, values, norms, and preferences.

Drive the Plan Using Your Team

Your child and family guide and drive the plan using a team. Team members include natural supports (such as family, friends, and religious leaders) and the professionals who work with your family (such as counselors, schools, CPS, and probation officers).

Provide Convenient Services

To offer services and supports in locations and at times that work best for your child and family (including in your house or a public location of choice, and on evenings or weekends).

Provide Crisis Intervention

To provide help during a time of crisis. You have access to crisis services for your child any time of the day, 365 days a year. Your child will receive services from individuals who know your child and family’s needs and circumstances, as well as their current crisis plan. Whenever necessary, this includes face-to-face interventions at the location where the crisis occurs.