What is WISe?

WISe stands for Wraparound with Intensive Services. WISe is a voluntary service that takes a team approach to meeting your child’s needs. It provides intensive mental health services to support your child and helps your family reach your goals.

How can I tell if my child needs WISe?

If you are not sure, ask for a WISe screening. You can refer your child for a WISe screening at any time. You should consider referring your child for a WISe screening if your child is:
  • Frequently using crisis lines or emergency rooms due to mental health concerns.
  • Experiencing hard to understand behavior (such as running away or frequent arrests that are due to mental health) that are challenging to you, other caregivers, or treatment provider, and traditional services alone are not helping.
  • Displaying an elevated risk of harm to themselves or others.
  • In need of a more intensive and individualized approach to treatment.
  • In need of a more flexible and engaging approach.
  • Involved in multiple systems (like mental health, CPS, Juvenile Justice, developmental disability services, and/or substance use disorder treatment) and the other agencies are struggling to support your child together.
  • In special education and/or has a 504 Plan, with multiple school suspensions for mental health and/or behavioral issues.

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WISe’s Service Delivery Focus

Provide mental health services for your child.

To provide intensive mental health services designed to assist your child and your family in achieving wellness, safety, and to strengthen relationships within your community.

To identify or provide resources and supports to your child and family.

Develop an individualized care plan.

To develop an individualized care plan, based on strengths and needs that respect your family culture, values, norms, and preferences.

Drive the plan using your team.

Your child and family guide and drive the plan using a team. Team members include natural supports (such as family, friends, and religious leaders) and the professionals who work with your family (such as counselors, schools, CPS, and probation officers).

Provide convenient services.

To offer services and support in locations and at times that work best for your child and family (including in your house or a public location of choice, and on evenings or weekends).

Provide crisis intervention.

To provide help during a time of crisis. You have access to crisis services for your child any time of the day, 365 days a year.

Your child will receive services from individuals who know your child and family’s needs and circumstances, as well as their current crisis plan. Whenever necessary, this includes face-to-face interventions at the location where the crisis occurs.

Eligibility Requirements

Who can receive WISe? WISe is available to Medicaid-eligible children/youth from birth to age 21.  In addition, your child must meet certain standards used by mental health agencies to make sure WISe is the right fit for your family.

WISe Service Area

WISe Care Planning Principles

WISe values that help improve outcomes for children:

  • Family and Youth Voice and Choice
  • Team Based
  • Natural Supports
  • Collaboration
  • Home and Community-based
  • Culturally Relevant
  • Individualized
  • Strengths Based
  • Outcome-based
  • Unconditional

WA Health Care Authority’s WISe Website